The Art of Preserving Time

This is the story of how we preserve time

The Story

Life Stories are Truly Remarkable

Aren't they? 
Purely Happy. 
Sometimes Disheartening. 
Some filled with Joy. 
Others Tragic. 
Comical at times. 
Downright maddening.
Stories of healing. Again and again.
Some romantically blissful.
And others challenging and disappointing.
But daily they're beautifully miraculous. Each story has a funny way of teaching us something. Something of love, forgiveness, choices and consequences, mistakes and hope. 

Every life is filled with story after story in this book of life we are all writing together. Stories that matter. Significantly. We can all learn something from one another's stories and that is what drives For All Time Clocks. Life stories are part of a masterpiece. We strive to help you tell yours in a way that feels something likepreserving time. It's actually the closest we've come to inventing a time machine...things are very scientific around here. 

As it turns out, we love your stories! And thought you might like to know a little about ours...

Our Story


I’m Angie Sheffer. Founder and designer here at For All Time Design. And this is the story about the art of preserving time. 

Long ago in 2008 I had a serious obsession. Make that THREE serious obsessions. Graphic design. Running my own business. And helping people tell their defining stories through scrapbooking. It was only a matter of TIME before the three would collide. (That line should officially prepare you for the cheesiness that makes up me).  

I was flipping through an old issue of one of my favorite magazines (which tragically, is no longer in print). I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. Just enjoying the eye candy. This magazine was, after all, a digital scrapbooking magazine.

I came across a simple how-to. Remember those things called CD’s (not investment CDs) the other kind, the kind we used to put music on, back before there was streaming and Apple Music? Also known as compact disc. Okay, well this how-to suggested using the now obsolete CD and repurposing it as a mini clock.

So I began experimenting. My first design was intended as a gift for my and my husbands grandmas...but in true Angie fashion, I never actually gave it to them. That's a tragedy. (not to worry though, they now have big beautiful clocks with their own meaningful photos adorning them). I've always loved the idea of scrapbooking so my first design very much resembles that of a page out of a scrapbook.



I have a collection of over 2000 custom designed clocks…well not me personally, but out there…all over the world (mostly in the USA). Given as Christmas gifts. Used as wedding decor. Added as personality on a home wall arrangement. A memoir of those who have passed from this life. Reminders of family names and their established date. Hung displaying a favorite scenery. Even used for time keeping (okay, so they all do that). 

The point is, each design has been inspired by a photo or two or nearly seventy in one case. Each thoughtfully created, one memory at a time, preserved. It is our hope that each clock will not only bring a smile to someones face, but remind them of the stories that make life meaningful.

While the road to creating For All Time Clocks has been LONG, and EXCITING, and more difficult than I had ever imagined it would be, I STILL have three serious obsessions. Only now those obsessions are propelled by a purpose. 

Playing a part in preserving many of the most lovely memories of life, I’ve been graced to meet some of the most miraculous people. Beautiful people. Life changing and inspiring people. And it is their stories that will continue to inspire, For All Time.

The First Clock Design

For Your Viewing Enjoyment

I was really into digital scrapbooking. So naturally, the first clock I designed resembled something you might find in a 2005 scrapbook. That's the young me and my husband with our first two daughters. My how the time flies! My babies are growing up too fast.